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Probus Club of Darwin Inc. is non-profit and non-sectarian. It is non-fundraising. It's objectives are to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time of life when it is easy to become complacent and self centred.
Our Patron is NT Administrator, Her Honour The Honourable Vicki O'Halloran AO

Literature, Lunch & Laughter Club Book Club photo
Book Club photo

What a great get together of 9 avid book readers, all with very different reading experiences.
"The Source" by James Michener. Archeologists digs, Jewish, Polish bias. Each find is described in great detail Well researched. This author is capable of describing a teaspoon of dust in such great detail you are forgiven if you have forgotten it is just dust.
"Always Unreliable" by Clive James. Two members had a go at reading it and won the Endurance Prize for attempting the challenge.
"Let me Lie" by Clare Mackintosh. Read by most and thor- oughly enjoyed. Good read and a definite page turner wih many twists and turns saving the best for the end.

Books to read in February and discuss in March.
"The Drovers Wife" by Leah Purcell
"The Note through the Wire" by Doug Gold
"The Unforgiving City" by Maggie Gold

Next book club get together will be 2 March 2020 at the Casuarina Sports Club, 11:00am.

Writing Club
At the February meeting 3 enthusiastic writers wrote about mangoes.
One was a true story with a twist at the end; a quick free verse written on the spot and a poem.
Mango has an orange glow, a sunset sort of colour. Mango always makes me happy, even when I'm down. Mango always has that sunny glow of bursting life. Springing forth to a brand new day. You may have guessed it, or maybe not…that…Mango is my dog.

The March meeting is Tuesday, 17 March, 11:00am at The Cas Club.

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