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Probus Club of Darwin Inc. is non-profit and non-sectarian. It is non-fundraising. It's objectives are to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time of life when it is easy to become complacent and self centred.
Our Patron is NT Administrator, Her Honour The Honourable Vicki O'Halloran AO

Strike Bound

A large group met at Caramella for coffee followed by 12 keen players having a game at Kingp/n.
We began late as we were told that prices had gone up to $15 concession. After arguing the point that we had not been informed of the increase we paid our usual $9.
We split into 3 teams of 4 and one team had to move lanes 3 times as the equipment failed to work satisfactorily.
Colleen went straight into the lead and remained there for most of the game.
It was a race between Ron, Henrietta, Maxine and Mara for second place with just a few points between them.
Final scores Colleen 120, Mara 108, Maxine 106 (1strike), Ron 105.
Later that day I had an email from Darwin Kingp/n’s manager who said we should have paid the increase and that it was a Head Office directive.
I wrote back stating we had had a special agreement with the previous management and that it was an above inflation increase at 75%. To date I have not had a reply.
We meet up again next month at Caramella at 10.00am on Wednesday 21 September followed by a game at Kingp/n at 11.00
if everyone is in agreement and are willing to pay $15 for a game as I don’t expect them to alter their decision.
Shirley Porte (Coordinator

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