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Probus Club of Darwin Inc. is non-profit and non-sectarian. It is non-fundraising. It's objectives are to stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time of life when it is easy to become complacent and self centred.
Our Patron is NT Administrator, Her Honour The Honourable Vicki O'Halloran AO

Writing Club

We are a small Probus group that welcomes members from any of the Darwin Probus Clubs. We meet monthly at Tracy Village (on the third Tuesday of the month at 11 am).
We have a 7 minute speed-write; we chat; we enjoy each other's company;
and we have a well-priced lunch or a cuppa.
The topic is chosen the meeting before. The length is what you like- from 3 lines to a page is what most members write.
The group is very new (2020), and so we have no rules except those of Probus, where the motto is Fun, Friends and Fellowship.
Everyone from the 3 clubs in Darwin can join us.
If you are at the monthly meeting of the Darwin Probus Group, please see Ron Ninnis.
To join our group, please send an email to the group at:
Anyone can now read our imaginative and unbelievable stories and more at our new publically available cloud-storage at:

Last Meeting.
We met at Tracy Village and enjoyed Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.
We read out our stories on the month’s topic of “Slam Poetry” or some variation of it.
This is a type of poetry which is meant to be performed and judged, and if not judged to be up to standard it is “slammed”.
It is non rhyming and on a topic that the writer feels strongly about. We found it a difficult topic to write on,
but we were glad of the exercise to go beyond our usual comfort zones. We also had our usual fast write-up, which is writing on a topic for 7 minutes. This time the topic was “On swallowing a raisin”,
and raisins were passed around. A lot of laughter when each person wrote entirely differently to the next.
Anyone can now read our imaginative and unbelievable stories and more at our new publically available cloud-storage at:
The next meeting is scheduled for 11 am at Tracy Village Social and Sports Club on 27 June, but contact us anyway.
Some members just prefer to email their stories in, and this is fine – the idea is to write after all.
The next topic is “Sounds…” and is meant to include ordinary sounds of our life, such as mobile phones.
Please see Ron Ninnis at the Probus Meeting for more information.

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